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"The Directrix" Modular Blazer/Dress/Skirt

"The Directrix" Modular Blazer/Dress/Skirt

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This ensemble may evoke memories of your 
beloved teacher's attire
in a fictional realm deprived of men.

This versatile garment mimics the silhouette of a traditional blazer, but is actually two separate pieces: a bullfighter jacket that covers the arms and chest, and a structured dress.

The Modular Blazer/Dress features an adjustable neckline that can be arranged in a criss-cross design, draping elegantly over the chest and secured at the back of the neck.

Additionally, the dress can be undone at the neck and the arms can be removed from the armhole, effortlessly transforming it into a skirt. The fitted waistline of the dressform allows it to fold smoothly along this axis.

This versatile piece is suitable for all seasons and a variety of occasions, making it a timeless addition to your wardrobe.


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