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The 4 of Wands Jumpsuit/Pant (Reversible)

The 4 of Wands Jumpsuit/Pant (Reversible)

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This garment can be used as a jumpsuit or as pants with a skirt.

As a jumpsuit, it has two openings on the sides at the hips, if today is not your mood to show off, you can use it as pants. Cancel those openings and you can continue wearing your most comfortable pants that you will never want to take off.

Now you can adopt the trend of pants with a skirt knowing that you have it in two tones and it is also a jumpsuit.

The fabric is very soft, warm, comfortable and stretchy. It is double view, on one side it is oxford gray and on the other it is black.

It has a patch pocket that is also double view on the back of the pants.

Made in Mexico in an ethical and sustainable way.


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